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Saturday, July 26th, 2008
1:16 pm
Jenn Johnson's bio
 Character Name:   Chillout

Real Name:  Jenn Johnson

Player:  skyblue_danazan

E-Mail:  sabortooth2333@yahoo.com

Race:  Enhanced human

Powers:  Ice.  Jenn has the ability to produce ice from her body.  She can shoot streams of ice from her hands, and can also incase herself in ice as a shield to protect herself.

Appearance:  Jenn is 5' 6", 125 lbs.  She has long blonde hair, an atheletic body.  On her naval she has a cresent moon tattoo.

History:  Jenn in the ex-girlfriend of Katie Hicks, and she was abusive to Katie.  She is currently in prison for trying to kill Katie by causing the car accident that gave Katie her powers.  

As a Freshmen in High school she went to try out for the cheerleading squad, and when she got there one of the guys trying out for the football team made fun of her and Katie for being lesbiens.  The comment that the guy made angered her so much that she grabbed one of the footballs laying near one of the other guys trying out for the team and threw it at him.  When she did this the coach of the football team happened to be watching and saw her make the thirty yard pass to him.  Uppon seeing this he immediately recruited her as the Quarterback.

When they started thier Senior year the other players on the football team got Jenn started on drinking.  Whenever she was drunk she was verbaly and physically abusive towards Katie.  Only once she took the abuse to a sexual level.  The reason that Katie attempted suicide was because Jenn had raped her and they got into an argument about it.  

Personality:  When she is sober Jenn is a fairly decent person, but when drunk she becomes a different person entirely.  She has to be in charge no matter what.  Just like Katie she too is a full lesbien. 

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Sunday, November 25th, 2007
2:48 pm
Amber Brock's bio

Character Name:  None

Real Name:  Amber Brock

Player:  skyblue_danazan

E-mail:  sabortooth2333@yahoo.com

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Race:  Human

Powers:  None

Appearance:  Amber has dark hair down to her shoulders.  She is 5' 7" and 125 pounds.  She has an atheletes body.

History:  Amber is the life long best friend of Dana Zane (Skyblue).  She is on the basketball team at Skyline University.  She is the daughter of a very wealthy couple in Skyline.  Her and Dana had a one time only sexual fling together after they graduated from high school, and the experience brought them even closer together as friends.

Personality:  Amber is very warm hearted girl that would do anything for anyone.  She is very laid back, but only gets upset when her, or her friends are being mistreated.  She hates jocks that like to throw their weight around and gets their way just because they are jocks.  She believes in treating everyone as being equal to her.   

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Friday, November 23rd, 2007
9:55 pm
Skyblue's bio

 Character Name:  Skyblue

Real Name:  Dana Zane

Player:  skyblue_danazan

E-Mail:  sabortooth2333@yahoo.com

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Race:  Enhanced Human

Powers:  Skyblue has the power of Telekinesis.  She can move objects with her mind and also can make herself fly.  She can also carry people and objects up to a certain weight limit.

Appearance:  Skyblue has blue hair and blue eyes.  An athletic body build.  She is 5' 5" and 115 pounds.

History:  Zane is her mother's maiden name and her father's last name is Drake.  Her mother left her father shortly after Dana was born and her mother took Dana with her when she realized how sadistic and manipulative her father was.  After the WarGod's rampage and defeat and the subsequent official rise of superheroes.  Drake made a name for himself as the psionic supervillian named Mindrake, and Dana's mother forbid her to even gonear Skyline City.  Needless to say, she relocated to Skyline City the first chance she got, and became a superhero to spite both parents:  the father who was a villian and the mother who restricted her freedom.

Personality:  Skyblue is an easy person to get along with.  She likes to have fun whenever possible.  At times she can seem a little bit stuck up but still friendly with people.

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Monday, November 19th, 2007
1:15 am
Katie Hicks' bio
Character Name:  Possibly Reciever

Real Name:  Katie Hicks 

Player:  skyblue_danazan

E-mail:  sabortooth2333@yahoo.com

Race:  Enhanced Human

Archetype:  Neutral

Powers:  Katie is a telepath that can read minds, and also unknowingly channel whatever music she is listening to in anyone that is around her in their mind.  She has no control over her power from scar tissue on the brain.

Appearance:  Kate is 5' 9", 120 pounds, Caucasian.  Originally Katie defined the word nerdy with glasses and a pocket protector, but now she has contacts and dresses in Gothic clothing.  Her hair is Black with red and purple streaks in it.  She also has a pierced bottom lip and a sun tattoo around her naval.

History:  Katie is a full lesbian, and dated a female football player that was abusive to her during their Senior year in high school.  The abuse got so bad that she tried to commit suicide, but was caught doing it by her girlfriend.  After a long discussion her girlfriend sought help for her abusive nature, but it didn't work out.  One night while Katie and her girlfriend were driving her girlfriend hit her and she lost control of the car and ended up in a major car accident.

Katie ended up spending the next six months in the hospital in a coma.  When she awoke she was able to hear the thoughts of everyone around her.  Since she is a very private person she decided to get rid of her power.  She has no control over her power so she listens to a portable cd player so she can have some privacy.

Personality:  Katie is a queit, private person that has a hard time trusting people (especially jocks) because of being abused in the past.  She questions everyone's intentions until she gets to know them better.  When she first meets someone she purposely doesn't volunteer anything about herself because of fear of being abused again.  She became a Goth to make herself discusting to her ex-girlfriend in case she survived the crash.     

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Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
12:03 am
Mark Joyner, aka Rush
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Character name: Rush

Real Name: Mark Joyner

Player: wyzeguy

E-Mail: ellistouch at yahoo.com

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Friday, November 2nd, 2007
11:16 pm
Character name: The Archimage

Real Name: Lucas 'Luke' Legend

Player: dkfromtk

E-Mail: dkfromtk@gmail.com

Race: Human

Archetype: Mysterious Mystic

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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
5:41 pm
Detective Pride

Character name: None

Real Name: Detective Reyevenn Jaye Pride

Player: reyepride

E-Mail: Onwingsofebony@aol.com


Race: Human (with Sidhe ancestry)

Archetype:  The Investigator


Powers: None

Appearance:  Reye stands at 5’3” tall with tan olive skin and lithe body, long raven black hair and hazel-green eyes.

History: Reyevenn was the youngest in a pair of fraternal twins to born Matthew and Mary Pride just outside of Skyline City 25 years ago.  Her sister Larkyn and she spent their first few years living a normal human life often visiting their Great Aunt Bonnie Reade who lived on an estate just an hour away.  Not once did they ever really question why their father was rarely home.  Soon, it came time for school and their mother insisted that her children learn the ‘arts’ such as Piano and Gymnastics.  The girls readily agreed, but soon found interests in other musical instruments: Reyevenn in the violin and Larkyn in the guitar.


At the age of 8, the two girls found another after school passion:  Karate; however, it wasn’t until their father was home from a business trip were they able to convince their mother that it was a good idea.  “They’ll need the knowledge later dear,” Their father had said, “Why not let them learn now?” The two had no idea what this meant but did not care they had gotten what they wanted. 


Then, at the age of 10, Larkyn began to act weird.  Her hair began to gradually turn white and weird things began to happen around her.  The twins were terrified, but their family was ecstatic.  Larkyn, they said, was showing the first signs of her powers and Reyevenn was soon to follow.   Suddenly, the two were visiting their Great Aunt more often and she began to teach – or rather, tried to teach – the two various spells and how to control their abilities.


As it turned out, their family was not particularly normal but rather descended from the Sidhe, a collective name for members of the Seelie and Unseelie courts.  Her Great Aunt was the retired ‘Queen Mab’ and it was her hope that one of the twins would take her place.  Her father turned out to be ‘The Horned King’ and his ‘business meetings’ were actually meetings with fellow super beings about a growing threat to their planet: The WarGod.   


Queen Mab came out of retirement and worked along side The Horned King and several other powered humans to stop the destructive force known as the WarGod.  Unfortunately, Queen Mab did not survive the battle, but all were considered Heroes at the WarGod’s defeat.


Her family constantly insisted that the fact she turned out to be ‘normal’ was no embarrassment to them, but this didn’t stop Reye from feeling horribly left out.  Angry at her own inabilities, she focused on her school work and extra curricular activities.  By the time she graduated High School as cum laud, the woman had won a few metals in gymnastics, became the fourth chair in the Skyline City Junior Orchestra, and had even become a Second Don Black Belt in Karate.  None of it was good enough for her, because though she had excelled, she was never the best and could never live up to her sister’s reputation as Pan, the Horned King’s side kick.


At the age of 17, Reyevenn went on to focus on college, working on a degree in Criminal Justice and Investigation. At the age of 21, she had earned her bachelor’s degree and went into the Skyline City Police force where she has worked the past four years.  She has recently earned her title as Detective.

Personality:  Reyevenn is a focused individual; her desire to solve the case and catch the culprit often overshadows any sense of self preservation.  Many complain that she has no sense of humor; this isn’t true, it’s just very dry.  She is best known around her piers for her peculiar way of emotional management:  it seems that the angrier or more frightened she gets, the calmer she becomes… until she can be calm no more.

Current Mood: accomplished
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