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Character name: The Archimage

Real Name: Lucas 'Luke' Legend

Player: dkfromtk


Race: Human

Archetype: Mysterious Mystic

Powers: Archimage possess a wide variety of deus ex machina-esque magical powers, the majority of which are derived from various mystical artifacts in his mansion. He can't have too many of these artifacts on his person at once, as it risks temporarily 'overloading' his powers, and he can't actually use more than one or two at a time, with few exceptions.

Archimage's magic is vulnerable to cold iron, and he needs to be ready for attacks in order to mystically shield himself from them.

Innate Powers:
-Glyph Spells - Archimage must focus his magical power through mental symbols called glyphs, unlike more experienced sorcerers who can focus magic freely. It takes a moment of concentration to cast these spells, and they aren't as powerful as they'll be when he gains more experience. He has memorized dozens of unique glyphs, but his most used include zones of protection (forcefields), flight, energy blasts, healing, translation (of spoken or animal languages only, not computer languages), and telekinesis. He can do more, but these are his most used and most powerful spells.

When Archimage casts these glyphs, a glowing magical image of the glyph itself appears in midair, near or on whatever spell he's casting (the apex of his protection zone, near whatever he's telekineting, etc.), which makes most of his glyph spells useless if stealth is needed.

Standard equipment:
-Band of Identity - A headband, keeping others without mystical knowledge from recognizing his secret identity
-Grendel's Cloak - Grants enhanced strength (but not much), and enhanced durability
-Gauntlet of Hades - Allows him to form a portal between where he is and anyplace he's physically been.

Equipment he has access to but doesn't necessarily carry:
-Mind's Eye - A ring which grants him telepathy, although he can't control it, and he can be quickly overwhelmed if many people are all thinking around him at once. It also give him the ability to see through illusions or deceit.
-Frostburn Blade - A sword that can either burn or freeze whatever it comes into contact with.
-Negation Pendant - A pendant which negates all of his natural magic powers (glyph spells), but which allows him to carry more magical artifacts with him without risk of overloading himself
-Armor of Herakles - Ancient Greek-styled armor which greatly enhances all of his innate magical abilities, but renders him unable to carry other magical artifacts. In addition, he tires out quickly without a source of energy to leech off of, so this is mostly a last resort.
-Probably other stuff once I think of it. It ain't deus ex machina for nothing!

Other Magic Stuff:
-Archimage is capable of casting the really big spells that sorcerers are known for, but it takes *extensive* research and preparations, and even then he's as likely to screw up as he is to succeed.
-In the world of the Archimage, there's no such thing as good or evil magic. To one familiar with such things, calling magic good or evil is akin to calling electricity good or evil. It's simply energy, and it's effect depends entirely on the individual or artifact focusing the magical energy, not the magic itself.

Appearance: Average in most respects. A little under six foot, a skoche under 180lbs. Luke's fairly muscular, having trained his body as well as his mind in his magical studies. He has short black hair, and a black goatee, looking for all the world like a young Doctor Strange. I couldn't find a decent picture of Ultimate Dr. Strange, but as I recall, that's how Luke looks. Minus the fruity robes. Luke has his own fruity robes.

History: Lionel Legend, patriarch of the Legend family, was over seven hundred years old. He was among the original band of explorers who began a settlement next to Veronique River in the 1500's. The land the settlers first set up camp on was avoided by Native American mystics, as strange and frightening things tended to happen there. Lionel was unafraid, as he was already several centuries old by then, and an accomplished sorcerer besides. He used his mystical prowess to close several extra-dimensional portals in the area, causing most of the strange events and creatures who populated the area to simply disappear. In gratitude, the rest of Lionel's band of explorers decided to name the settlement after him - Legend Village, which eventually became Legend City. Lionel continually faked his own death every half century or so, so that he could stay undetected in his namesake city to protect it from mystical threats and such.

Lucas Legend was born into Lionel Legend's family line just under twenty-six years ago. Laura Legend, his mother, was a descendant of Lionel Legend's from centuries back, and Leonard Legend, Luke's father, was the son of Lionel Legend himself. His parents were kind of douchey and had barely any time to spare for him, so Luke spent most of his days with his grandfather. Luke was born to two of Lionel's direct descendants, and as such, his potential for the use of magic rivaled Lionel's own. Lionel began training Luke in magic when he was still a toddler, recognizing that an early start would be beneficial to the lad if he was ever going to become a powerful sorcerer. The most time Luke had ever spent studying without his grandfather was the month about fifteen years ago when Lionel joined a group of other heroes to wage their final attack on the WarGod.

One day, Luke arrived at his grandfather's mansion (the man had centuries' worth of cash behind him), only to find his grandfather's corpse bleeding onto an ancient Oriental rug. The authorities rules it a suicide by drug overdose, but the authorities didn't have a fraction of the mystical talent of Luke. Someone had magically murdered his beloved grandfather, and Luke was pissed. All of Lionel's possessions, including the mansion and a small bookstore, was left to Luke in Lionel's will, which ostracized Luke from his parents even more. Luke moved into the mansion full time, intending to study magic in private and one day avenge his grandfather.

Barely a week passed when Luke heard the news. An army of zombies had invaded Legend City, and the local police and military were woefully unprepared to deal with them. It took Luke a few hours of reading Lionel's journals to figure out why. Apparently, Lionel had made himself the focus point of the protection spells defending Legend City, meaning that they all dissipated as soon as the man had passed away. Luke would need decades more training, minimum, before he would be able to cast protection spells of that level of power.

Luke, desperate for a solution that would have come so easily to Lionel, donned several of the magical artifacts in Lionel's possession - a headband that would hide his identity, a cloak that would increase his strength and durability - and set out to battle the evil horde. He forced the zombie creatures back through the extradimensional portal they'd come through, and sealed it. However, Luke's spell was only a stopgap measure, and he knew that his spell wouldn't last long; maybe only a year or two on the outside. It is with this in mind that Luke spends nearly every waking moment doing one of three things - studying magic, battling evil forces who would take over Legend City for their own purposes, or running his grandfather's bookstore. Oh, and he tries to fit in looking for Lionel's murderer whenever he can.

Legend Family Legend (For quick reference, as their thing for the letter L can get confusing):
-Lionel - Centuries-old sorcerer, murdered by an unknown mystical entity
-Luke - Protege and successor to Lionel Legend
-Leonard - Luke's father and mayor of Legend City
-Laura - Luke's mother and a successful travel agent to the rich and famous

Personality: The Archimage tries his best to play the mysterious sorcerer archetype, and succeeds for the most part. A lot of people think Archimage is arrogant, due to his unwillingness to tell anyone more than they need to know. In reality, Archimage simply realizes that most people couldn't handle the knowledge that he possesses about the mystical world, at least not without his studies and training. Even fellow superheroes who keep a secret identity can sometimes be frustrated by Archimage's secrecy, but that's how the game is played.

Out of costume, Luke is a typical 25 year old man, willing to joke around with friends, but responsible enough to run a moderately successful small business. To those that know him exceedingly well, there are times when Luke is just a little too quiet, when he's reflecting on the huge responsibility that he's either taken of his own free will or has had forced upon himself, depending on his mood when he's asked. Luke takes his responsibilities extremely seriously, even if a casual observer wouldn't notice it due to his propensity for the joking around.
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