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Katie Hicks' bio

Character Name:  Possibly Reciever

Real Name:  Katie Hicks 

Player:  skyblue_danazan


Race:  Enhanced Human

Archetype:  Neutral

Powers:  Katie is a telepath that can read minds, and also unknowingly channel whatever music she is listening to in anyone that is around her in their mind.  She has no control over her power from scar tissue on the brain.

Appearance:  Kate is 5' 9", 120 pounds, Caucasian.  Originally Katie defined the word nerdy with glasses and a pocket protector, but now she has contacts and dresses in Gothic clothing.  Her hair is Black with red and purple streaks in it.  She also has a pierced bottom lip and a sun tattoo around her naval.

History:  Katie is a full lesbian, and dated a female football player that was abusive to her during their Senior year in high school.  The abuse got so bad that she tried to commit suicide, but was caught doing it by her girlfriend.  After a long discussion her girlfriend sought help for her abusive nature, but it didn't work out.  One night while Katie and her girlfriend were driving her girlfriend hit her and she lost control of the car and ended up in a major car accident.

Katie ended up spending the next six months in the hospital in a coma.  When she awoke she was able to hear the thoughts of everyone around her.  Since she is a very private person she decided to get rid of her power.  She has no control over her power so she listens to a portable cd player so she can have some privacy.

Personality:  Katie is a queit, private person that has a hard time trusting people (especially jocks) because of being abused in the past.  She questions everyone's intentions until she gets to know them better.  When she first meets someone she purposely doesn't volunteer anything about herself because of fear of being abused again.  She became a Goth to make herself discusting to her ex-girlfriend in case she survived the crash.     
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