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Mark Joyner, aka Rush

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Character name: Rush

Real Name: Mark Joyner

Player: wyzeguy

E-Mail: ellistouch at

Race: Enhanced Human

Archetype: Brash, Humorous Superhero (similar to Spider-Man)

Powers: Increased speed, strength, senses, and reflexes to superhuman levels (so far up to 9x normal human limits, with 6x being the norm). This increase is activated by adrenaline surge; Rush's physical capabilities fall into normal limits otherwise. The adrenaline rushes last for a brief period of time -- two minutes maximum -- usually long enough for Rush to accomplish his objective of fight or flight. Afterward, Rush is exhausted for a brief period of time, his physicality dipping below normal human levels, but he recovers quickly. Rush's sensory enhancements are exempt from these effects, as they function 2x that of a normal human even at his lowest physical level. This is because stimuli from his heightened senses often trigger the influx of adrenaline in the first place.

Appearance: Late teens, Caucasian, 5'9", 145 lbs, red hair, green eyes, athletic build. Mark has few distinguishing characteristics other than a permanent scarred burn line across his chest from an opponent's energy blade. He dresses casually in t-shirts and jeans, mostly leaning toward blue and white. His Rush costume is a black-and-red formfitting suit made of a durable, breathable material. His eyes and nose are hidden by his costume's red plate-glass visor, designed to withstand extreme impact.

History: Born the son of Drs. Joseph and Sabrina Joyner, Mark Joyner lived in New York City, NY until the extraterrestrial entity known as the WarGod ravaged most of the planet. The siege was stopped by local Earth beings known as 'superhumans', but not before Mark's mother was killed as a bystander caught in a building collapse. Mark was 3 years old at the time.

When new, larger 'super-cities' were built afterward with help from some of the more law-abiding supers, the widowed Joseph Joyner moved himself and his son to the newly-built Skyline City, the largest of such cities. Mark's father became a pioneering physician dealing with superhuman physiology, and he set up a clinic to treat superheroes which has since franchised to other cities. Mark himself grew up in and around his father's lab, getting to know the superheoes his father treated, who inspired him.

At age 16, Mark's life changed when Dr. Joyner's colleague Dr. Ivan Karn was fired from the hospital on the grounds that he'd been running questionable covert experiments. Karn retaliated by injecting Mark (an intern at the time) to a serum designed to kill him ... a serum Dr. Joyner knew had one possible antidote. Dr. Joyner raced to create the antidote, and the cure rewrote Mark's DNA to grant him a superhuman metabolism to fight off the faulty serum's effects.

Discovering the power at his displosal, Mark wanted to become a superhero, but his father was dead-set against it. Dr. Joyner eventually relented, and Mark created for himself the heroic identity of Rush.

Personality: Mark is intelligent, funny, and rebellious. He takes after both parents shamelessly, which means he has his father's intellect, his mother's sense of humor (his father pretty much has none), and both parents' penchant for stubbornness. Once he makes up his mind about something, Mark refuses to change it, and he does whatever it takes to see it through to the end. Which means that when he's made choices like a) finding his own path instead of following in his father's footsteps, and b) becoming a superhero, he's gone full-out in doing so, often just to anger his father. But despite the tension and negativity between father and son, there is an unspoken (and unbreakable) bond that means they have each other's back. Mark is also loyal to his friends, and he likes joking around with them and giving them good-natured grief. But he's also been known to piss them off due to his headstrong nature. He's often like that with the villains he meets as well, because he enjoys having fun at their expense. As Rush, he's a daredevil and an adrenaline junky, relying on his powers to keep him alive long enough to think his way out of a given situation. He can be unbelievably cocky at times, completely screwing up his own crimefighting endeavors before finding resourceful ways to solve the problem. He's been known to make the situations in which he finds himself a lot harder than they need to be.
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