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Skyblue's bio

 Character Name:  Skyblue

Real Name:  Dana Zane

Player:  skyblue_danazan


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Race:  Enhanced Human

Powers:  Skyblue has the power of Telekinesis.  She can move objects with her mind and also can make herself fly.  She can also carry people and objects up to a certain weight limit.

Appearance:  Skyblue has blue hair and blue eyes.  An athletic body build.  She is 5' 5" and 115 pounds.

History:  Zane is her mother's maiden name and her father's last name is Drake.  Her mother left her father shortly after Dana was born and her mother took Dana with her when she realized how sadistic and manipulative her father was.  After the WarGod's rampage and defeat and the subsequent official rise of superheroes.  Drake made a name for himself as the psionic supervillian named Mindrake, and Dana's mother forbid her to even gonear Skyline City.  Needless to say, she relocated to Skyline City the first chance she got, and became a superhero to spite both parents:  the father who was a villian and the mother who restricted her freedom.

Personality:  Skyblue is an easy person to get along with.  She likes to have fun whenever possible.  At times she can seem a little bit stuck up but still friendly with people.

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