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Amber Brock's bio

Character Name:  None

Real Name:  Amber Brock

Player:  skyblue_danazan


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Race:  Human

Powers:  None

Appearance:  Amber has dark hair down to her shoulders.  She is 5' 7" and 125 pounds.  She has an atheletes body.

History:  Amber is the life long best friend of Dana Zane (Skyblue).  She is on the basketball team at Skyline University.  She is the daughter of a very wealthy couple in Skyline.  Her and Dana had a one time only sexual fling together after they graduated from high school, and the experience brought them even closer together as friends.

Personality:  Amber is very warm hearted girl that would do anything for anyone.  She is very laid back, but only gets upset when her, or her friends are being mistreated.  She hates jocks that like to throw their weight around and gets their way just because they are jocks.  She believes in treating everyone as being equal to her.   

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