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Jenn Johnson's bio

 Character Name:   Chillout

Real Name:  Jenn Johnson

Player:  skyblue_danazan


Race:  Enhanced human

Powers:  Ice.  Jenn has the ability to produce ice from her body.  She can shoot streams of ice from her hands, and can also incase herself in ice as a shield to protect herself.

Appearance:  Jenn is 5' 6", 125 lbs.  She has long blonde hair, an atheletic body.  On her naval she has a cresent moon tattoo.

History:  Jenn in the ex-girlfriend of Katie Hicks, and she was abusive to Katie.  She is currently in prison for trying to kill Katie by causing the car accident that gave Katie her powers.  

As a Freshmen in High school she went to try out for the cheerleading squad, and when she got there one of the guys trying out for the football team made fun of her and Katie for being lesbiens.  The comment that the guy made angered her so much that she grabbed one of the footballs laying near one of the other guys trying out for the team and threw it at him.  When she did this the coach of the football team happened to be watching and saw her make the thirty yard pass to him.  Uppon seeing this he immediately recruited her as the Quarterback.

When they started thier Senior year the other players on the football team got Jenn started on drinking.  Whenever she was drunk she was verbaly and physically abusive towards Katie.  Only once she took the abuse to a sexual level.  The reason that Katie attempted suicide was because Jenn had raped her and they got into an argument about it.  

Personality:  When she is sober Jenn is a fairly decent person, but when drunk she becomes a different person entirely.  She has to be in charge no matter what.  Just like Katie she too is a full lesbien. 
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