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skylinecity_rpg's Journal

Skyline City -- Superhero RPG
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Fifteen years ago, an egigmatic cosmic being called the WarGod descended upon the Earth with its minions. Seemingly the embodiment of all being's capacity for conflict, the entity intensified wars and incited riots across the globe. In order to combat this threat, superhumans emerged from the fringes of society, and they eventually defeated the WarGod, dispersing the energy form that existed within its massive armor.

Regarded as heroes, these superhumans set about helping to rebuild human society, applying their talents and abilites as architects and protectors. Seeking acceptance, they adopted the appearances and modus operandi of heroes from cmic books and other popular culture. Or at least ... some superhumans did.

Now it's the present day, and superhumans are everywhere, whether hero, villain, are neutral. The world's technology is decades beyond what we know, but not everything works right. And the heroes have established an elaborate (and heavily beureaucratized) structure.

Join the fun as a character -- hero, villain, or neutral, human or superhuman, rookie or veteran -- and establish a place in the sprawling city of Skyline.

-Created and GMed by wyzeguy

1. Only characters created for the purposes of the RPG (whether by the GM or the player) are allowed in the RPG; established characters like Superman, X-Men or other licensed entities are not.
While Spider-Man or Wolverine could be adapted to this continuity without much difficulty, using original characters possibly based off of the character's archetypes is recommended. In other words, players are encouraged to put a different spin on tried-and-true concepts like wisecracking heroes and feral anti-heroes, and take them in new directions. If a player can't decide on a made-up character, the GM will be happy to provide one.

2. Ideally, this RPG should be rated in the PG-through-R range. That means swearing, violence, and sexuality is allowed, but let's not get carried away; this is a superhero game, after all. Any content that would venture into more questionable territory should be carried out "off-panel" (hinted at, not stated).

3. Defeated characters are knocked out unless otherwise agreed upon. No killing other player's characters without their consent (yes, this RPG will require inter-player collaboration -- don't they all?)

4. Keep OOC arguments and conflicts out of the game itself. Nothing sucks worse than players' disagreements with one another spilling over onto the characters. The OOC sessions should be used for planning sessions and other discussions, not gripe-fests. Outstanding arguments will be handled by the GM.

5. Rush and other characters created by the GM for Skyline City will be used as fodder for a comic book at a later date. Characters created by other players will only be used in the comic with the players' permission. The default assumption will be that any player-created characters are the players' property, and are therefore off-limits for the comic unless otherwise stated.

6. Let's try to have at least one post per week. I won't always be able to enforce this, but it doesn't take much for an RPG to die out.

Character name:
(the superhero or supervillain's codename, if any)

Real Name: (if different from the above)

Player: (your LJ username)


Race: (human, enhanced human, alien, etc.)


Powers: (describe you characters' powers, if any, how they work, and what their limitations are. And there must be limitations, because no one's invulnerable)

Appearance: (what does your character look like? Describe)

History: (two paragraphs minimum, but try not to write novel)

Personality: (the way your character acts will be crucial to this RPG, so make him or her interesting)